Herri Txiki Diseinu Handi

Ideación, conceptualización y campaña gráfica de evento

     There's a main building on the estrategical planning of Errenteria-Orereta ADN Kreaktiboa, that used to host our studio, called Torrekua. We found it was needed to nourish the space with creative content, because we believe the enterprises of this area and also creative people need to be surrounded by other creative people and different work dynamics. That's why we started programming encounters with creatives from different fields, and where we could talk about the reality we live.





     There's some difficulties that worry us as a studio, and as creative individuals, so we thought important and convenient to discuss and talk about them. Assisting to different talks and conferences we noticed that it is rarely talked about our daily work life, becoming these talks just esthetic. We want to bring life into those dark places, revealing the existant taboos about money, clients or commissions.

 It's kind of a therapy group!



     The name Herri Txiki Diseinu Handi is based on Buro Destruct's phrase: Small City-Big Design.

     We think that there is no need to be in big cities to make great things. Here, in our region and also in the Basque Country itself, there is no chance to fantasy or madness. We live in this environment where you need to be realistic, regular and not so ambicious.

    That's why we believe it's important to ask about these issues, bringing guests that live or work in small cities, and also inviting guests whose occupations could symbolize these small villages.