The journey

C-The journey?

S-We’ll start in the deserts, we will continue through the beaches, mountains, cities and villages, until we get to the rice fields. Come along!

C-Where are we going to?

S-We are going to a lost picture, to the african savanna, to Mars, to the heart of the earth, to the highest tree, to your grandma’s necklace, to the year 2037, to a whale’s belly, to have a coffee with Tutankhamon.

C-How do we travel?

S-Riding a horse, or maybe not, this is your dream. We’ll make it up on the road.
We will swim in the rivers of places we’ve never been. We’ll listen to the chill of the strangest dawn. We’ll caress the hidden corners. We’ll take pigments from songs of others. And we’ll dance wildly as we sleep.

C-Will we come back?

S-Let’s enjoy the journey.


S-Let’s enjoy it.

We rise you to the earth. We lower you to the moon.

We are a visual communication studio that brings together graphic design and illustration. We advise and walk with people, institution or enterprises that need to be shown for the very first time, or upgrade their identity.

We put your ideas into images; we work by hand, then we contain it through design rationality. This way, tension and autenticity become the main qualities of our work.


Clients who
walked with us:

Anari, Badok, Berria Egunkaria, DSS2016, Errenteriako Udala, Euskal Idazleen Elkartea, Grises, Irrien Lagunak, Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea, Lixoné,, Napoka Iria, Oarsoaldea Garapen Agentzia, Sharpa Marketing, Sony Music, Tabakalera, Talaios Koop, Txintxua Films...