Photography and art direction: Lander Garro

Carlos Ndungmandum

Art director, branding & designer

Hey! I am Carlos Ndungmandum Comesanha. Back to the 2000s or last 90s, influenced by the Atlantic, the industry from Vigo and a vandal attitude, I signed up for Graphics for Publicity at Antón Faílde arts school, to get, one day, to create the advertisements that saturate Vigo's landscape. After a while on the interior Galiza, I could see graphic design is not just a bunch of crazy ideas, so I decidede to go to Barcelona and study a Master's degree at Elisava. When I got that finished, I started working on studios and communication enterprises both in Barcelona and in Donostia. In 2010, being in London, a friend called to comission me a packaging design, that's how I started working as a freelancer. I came back to the Basque Country and started sharing workspace with my favourite illustrator Arrate Rodriguez. We were collaborating on different projects and finally one day we accidentally were putting together Savanna.

On the other hand, I'm developing my own -from visual to object- narratives. 

You can check the result of my process here:

Arrate Rodriguez

Art director, illustrator & designer

Hi! My name is Arrate Rodriguez Martin, mad about films, collagist, fan of Beyonce and Rihanna, reader nowadays in love with Lorrie Moore, Virginie Despentes and Mary Karr's The Liars Club, non-stop mobilegames player, orthotypographist as a calling and illustrator as occupation. Also an artist, finally I can handle this word. In 2002 I started studying Fine Arts in Bilbao, where they instilled in me the love of the process and working with poor means. Those days, I had the chance to live in Italy, from where I took two things that make me really happy: new printing techniques and parmigiano reggiano. When I came back to Hendaia (French Basque Country) I decided to go to Barcelona to take illustration postgraduate studies on Eina. I believed I was becoming more illustrator there, while I was working as a translator. After a few months period in San Francisco, I started sharing my workplace with a crazy lover of reticles called Carlos Ndungmandum. Once, while we were collaborating on a project, we found out we were a blast together! That was the begining of Savanna, the craziest and more exciting experience I'm living nowadays.

If you wanna take a look to my other job as an illustrator, painter and so on tap here